Our Vision

  • BIS Consulting, LLC provides decision-support and risk assessment services to utilities, transit agencies, and other infrastructure-intensive industries. Our consulting services are aimed at clients who need premium methodological and analytical support for policy, capital planning, and other critical and highly visible decisions. We emphasize quantitative methods and risk-based business cases to justify decisions in terms that resonate with executive managers, regulators, and non-technical stakeholders.


Our Clients

  • Our clients come from infrastructure intensive industries, such as water and electric utilities and transit agencies.  Our services are needed when an outside driver puts pressure on spending decisions.  This may be a regulator who demands justification for a proposed rate increase, or a political body demanding improved service at low cost.

  • Our business comes largely from our existing clients, due to the perceived value of past services.  BIS Consulting strives to form long-term relationships with key clients whose personal professionalism motivates them to continually improve their decision-making capabilities.

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