About BIS Consulting


 BIS Consulting, LLC, is an employee-owned company, providing decision-support and risk assessment services to utilities, transit agencies, and other infrastructure-intensive industries. Our consulting services are aimed at clients who need premium methodological and analytical support for policy, capital planning, and other critical and highly visible decisions. We emphasize quantitative methods and risk-based business cases to justify decisions in terms that resonate with executive managers, regulators and customers, and other non-technical stakeholders. 


 In many asset-intensive organizations, there is a great deal of knowledge—both explicit and tacit—among the technical personnel. However, they often have difficulty translating this knowledge into a justification for spending in terms that resonate with the non-technical decision-makers. Our role is to help our clients bridge this gap. 

Our Team


Darin E. Johnson - President

  • Darin Johnson is the President and director of the asset management practice at BIS Consulting, LLC. His experience includes risk analysis, capital planning, and life-cycle cost analysis for electric transmission and distribution, water/wastewater, and hydroelectric generation facilities.

  • This work addresses the full range of asset management program development, from framework and strategic planning through implementation of decision-support methodologies and business processes to justify and prioritize replacement of aging assets and other spending programs.

  • Credentials
    •  Licensed Professional Engineer, Washington State
    •  B.S., Mechanical Engineering, University of    Washington

  • Relevant Expertise
    •  Decision-support methodologies
    •  Risk-based economic evaluation
    •  Capital planning and prioritization
    •  Statistical analysis of failure data
    •  Asset Management strategic planning


Neil M. Reid - Vice President

  • Neil Reid is the vice president of BIS Consulting, LLC. His experience includes asset management, conceptual engineering, project management and scheduling, preliminary and final design, cost estimating and control, equipment specification, construction management and testing of hydroelectric, fossil and nuclear power plants, high voltage substations, transmission, and distribution systems.

  • In addition to design, he has an extensive background in managing, defining and evaluating power supply interconnection plans, power and energy requirements, and load flow, short circuit, and voltage drop studies. He has provided expert testimony related to electric power system operation and safety. Mr. Reid is a registered Professional Engineer in several states in the United States of America and is qualified for registration in Canada and the United Kingdom.

  • Credentials .
    •  Licensed Professional Electrical Engineer, 7 States
    •  B.Sc., Electrical Engineering, University of Bristol,    England
    •  44 years in power transmission .

  • Relevant Expertise .
    •  Asset Management
    •  Condition Assessment and Health Indexing
    •  Project Management
    •  Transmission & Distribution Systems Engineering


Steven A. Windell - Chief Financial Officer

  • Steven Windell is the chief financial officer at BIS. His experience includes business consulting with a focus on strategic planning, financial planning, project management, information systems, and business operations including risk management. Hands on experience with company start-ups, turn-arounds, and mergers and acquisitions.

  • Credentials
    •  Retired Licensed Certified Public Accountant
    •  M.B.A., Accounting, University of Chicago
    •  B.A., Economics, Whitman College
  • Relevant Expertise
    •  Strategic Corporate Planning
    •  Financial Accounting and Reporting
    •  Large-scale Project Management
    •  Program Development
    •  Business Operations
    •  Risk Management

Josh N. Mullins - Program Manager, Economist

  • Josh Mullins is a program manager in the asset management practice at BIS Consulting, LLC. He is an economist with a background in civil engineering. His experience includes general risk-based analyses, economic model development, Monte Carlo uncertainty analysis, database management, and software development in a variety of languages.

  • Credentials
    •  B.S., Economics, University of Washington
  • Relevant Expertise
    •  Risk-based economic evaluation
    •  Statistical analysis of failure data
    •  Economic methodology development
    •  Database management
    •  Software development