Multiple Asset Decisions

Multiple asset decisions rely on evaluating several types of assets in a single analysis. This requires capturing the replacement cost streams for both the existing asset and the new asset, which supports evaluation of the assets as a group or exporting of data for other evaluations. Key uses of multiple asset decision logic include the following: * Building programs – determining the advisability of replacing multiple assets at once, as a large-scale project. This means that some assets may be replaced early, and others late. The cost of this sub-optimal replacement is compared with the savings from concurrent intervention to determine whether the combination is cost effective. The fundamental outputs of the module are a go/no-go decision for the group of assets (i.e., should they be replaced together or is it better to do them individually) and, if the program is a go, the optimal timing. * Deferral analysis – calculate the cost of specifying a sub-optimal timing for replacement of all the assets selected. This may be before or after the optimal timing (assuming there is one).

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