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Feeder Rehabilitation
Toronto Hydro

Toronto, Ontario


BIS is currently working with Toronto Hydro to develop a risk-based feeder rehabilitation model for their distribution system.


Toronto Hydro, the primary distributor of electric power in the Greater Toronto area, and the largest municipal electric distribution utility in Canada, serves a peak load of over 5,000 MW, with nearly 600,000 residential and 70,000 industrial customers.

The first phase of the project included development of a pilot underground cable replacement model, based on the methodology of minimizing life-cycle costs.

The feeder model aggregates the results from the individual asset replacement models (e.g., underground cables, transformers, circuit breakers, switchgear) up to a feeder level perspective in order to package rehabilitation decisions based on feeder-level risk and reliability improvements. By focusing spending on a feeder level, Toronto Hydro will economically optimize and justify feeder reliability programs encompassing various asset classes. The model incorporates Toronto Hydro’s rigorous Asset Condition Assessment program utilizing a Health Index methodology for consistently ranking the condition of their distribution assets.


The individual asset replacement models produce optimized spending plans by asset class. Potential feeder reliability improvement programs may include multiple asset classes. The feeder model compares the asset-level risk to feeder-level intervention costs and benefits to economically optimize risk-mitigation activities and feeder reliability improvements. The key result of this is that the need for spending on replacement or rehabilitation of existing assets is quantified and highlighted.

Date Completed: Ongoing

Capital planning support based on condition and risk. Justification for replacement and rehabilitation programs during budget cycle.
Key Results
Quantification of benefits of equipment replacement from feeder perspective. Ability to prioritize replacement against other spending needs. Consistent method of assessing condition and criticality of assets.
Thorhallur Hjartarson
Manager | System Reliability Planning
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